About squidoopets


Squidoopets has been a monster owner of a Diavlo named Damon on Moshi Monsters game for almost a decade since Moshi was pretty new to the kids (and adults who are kids at heart) video game world.

Damon the A level Monstar Diavlo has a five bedroom house filled with all sorts of goodies from collecting secret codes given freely in the game, from Moshi Monsters Magazine and from collectible toys. Damon has a Moshlings Zoo that includes rare and discontinued moshlings like Blingo. Damon even remembers the days when Lady Goo Goo was in town! (She even wrote on Damon’s bathroom wall … log in to check it out!)

For several years, squidoopets made web pages about Moshi Monsters secret codes and how to get Moshi Monsters Moshlings combos called “lenses” on a site called squidoo (that no longer exists).

But even after squidoo disappeared, squidoopets still loved to play the Moshi Monsters game and make related art! Please enjoy squidoopets’ Moshi Monsters Minecraft pixel art, paper doll art of Moshlings and Monsters, foam art and more.