My Diavlo had anxiety, depression and anger management issues! 5 ways I helped him feel better.

by squidoopets

Daemon used to have severe depression, anger management issues and terrible anxiety! I helped him get to the bottom of his disorders by keeping him to an orderly routine that included proper exercise, a healthy diet, less smoke coming out the top of his head and more kindness shared with others — and he calmed down.

Here’s a list of the behaviors Damon was doing that were making him disordered and depressed, anxious, and angry, and the ways that I helped him overcome his mental health problems to become a happier, healthier little Moshi Monster:

1.) Damon was smoking way too much! Yes, he is a Monstery fellow, and so is naturally a hot-head. But he was smoking way too much — even for a Diavlo! I suggested he cut back from blowing his stack every day, all day, and begin to play his musical instruments and work on his singing more, and when he did, he began to feel much calmer. It also really helped when he began to eat the green stuff fresh that he was smoking dried, instead of smoking it!

2.) Damon wasn’t exercising – at all! Not getting enough exercise really made my Moshi Monster feel depressed, which made him want to smoke more, which of course made him feel more anxious when the smoke wore off! Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and it really helps burn off the built up tension that can cause the angry feelings to explode. I made sure he strolled through town daily, did the Super Moshi missions when possible, and also helped out around town for free experience points, food stuffs and household goodies.

3.) Damon wasn’t eating properly either – all he wanted from the Grossery Store was slug slurp slushies. He would down 10 of them in one sitting and not eat any Green veggies or Purple fruits! His blood sugar was on a serious roller coaster ride – quite like the one in town!

4.) Damon was not looking after his cake house – he was always leaving things in a giant mess. I encouraged him to put his toys in their proper places – he has a lot of things in his Monster rooms, but with some good fung shui, they look pretty cool!

5.) Damon was always thinking of himself only. He never thought of how others might be feeling, especially about his negative behaviors! I helped him to think about how his little moshlings might be feeling when he got angry and yelled at them, anxious and hid from them, or depressed and ignored them. Plus, I suggested he give his friends in the game gifts, 5 star room ratings, and nice messages on their message boards. Pretty soon he was an A level Monstar! He feels so much better about himself when he acts with kindness and positivity, and puts other Monsters and Monstars feelings first!

What are some of the ways you help your Moshi Monster, or yourself, feel better when the angry, anxious or depressed feelings interfere with your happiness and health?


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