Moshi Monsters Paper Doll Art


This is a paper doll picture of Furi Moshi Monster. Why does Furi always look so perplexed? Turn that frown upside down, Furi! When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade!


Here is a Luvli paper doll Moshi Monster, looking lovely as always! Luvli knows that life is all about making lemonade. She has definitely decided, unlike Furi, to turn that frown upside-down!zommer8-3

I think this Zommer paper doll Moshi Monster I made has turned his frown inside out! I wonder if when he drinks lemonade, if the juice comes out of his removable eyeball …


Aha .. the shifty Katsuma. Me thinks he or she has something to do with Furi always looking perplexed …


Ahhh… the Diavlo. Diavlo’s my favorite. He may have spiked his lemonade with something naughty, I am never too sure. He’s definitely got a hot head, though, that’s for sure, and is probably in cohorts with the Katsuma in making Furi seem perplexed!


This is a group shot of the five Moshi Monsters you can adopt in the game: Furi, Zommer, Diavlo, Poppet, Luvli and Katsuma. Pretty Poppet doesn’t have an individual picture, so here she is with her monster buddies.