Oddie Art & Collector’s Tip

Oddie Moshling

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For the love of Oddie Moshling! This guy is not easy to collect as you have to get the Star Blossoms exactly the right combination of colors or Snookums, who comes with any three colors of Star Blossoms, will come to your Moshlings Zoo instead!


I once had a Zommer who only collected Oddie moshlings. Tip for collecting Oddie: plant only two Star Blossoms at a time to get at least two of the colors for Oddie right in the combo, and then you can plant the third and hope for the right combo. If even one of the colors is wrong, you will get Snookums and have to start all over again.


We made a bunch of Moshlings out of foam and turned some of them into pencil heads! Here is Oddie again (have I mentioned how much I love Oddie?) with Iggy and Mini Ben.


…. And here is a Minecraft drawing of Oddie with Snookums. Look, they’re good buddies!


A magnetic foam Oddie – stuck to Moshi Monsters shaped pasta and sauce! Strange but true!